Mity Nice’s fairy door always draws girls to see if the fairies are flitting in. (Photo:

Jobs and joy through Italian ice – that’s Mity Nice.

Welcome to Mity Nice, which serves up friendship and community caring along with our Italian Ice and fresh squeezed and organic lemonade on Main Street and in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, Mich. That’s #AnnArbor for you social types. Sometimes we sell cookies, Maize & Blueberry muffins and a few other made-in-Michigan “sweet treats from the streets” from our shiny silver cart.

Our Italian ice is made in Detroit, and it’s vegan, gluten free and all natural – and incredibly fruity and flavorful. Yes, we carry Michigan Cherry and the traditionalist’s favorite, lemon, but we have more exotic flavors as well. Coconut’s new this year!

We’re organizing charity and other events and love to be part of yours too, whether we bring the big cart, the mini-cart or just a couple of quarts of ice for a party.

If you want delivery, well we’re on wheels – and it’s free if you’re in Kerrytown.. We’ve started delivering Italian ice to the vendors of the Farmers Market, ¬†and deliver to a few other local businesses too.

Check our blog or our Twitter for the latest news – and you may even find a sweet deal or contest there too! After all, we are Mity Nice.

Our customers are a diverse group – all are welcome at Mity Nice!


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