Mity Nice Italian Ice was created by Vickie Elmer and Mark Loeb in 2009 to bring jobs to young people and affordable healthy treats to Ann Arbor. Before we scooped our first cone of ice, we committed to support the community we serve – by giving away ice at charitable events and fundraisers, and by donating at least 10 percent of of our pretax profits to Washtenaw County charities.

Now all we need is some sunny warm weather, a little luck and some loyal customers – that’s you.

Mark Loeb organizes festivals and events in Southeast Michigan. His projects include work for Midtown Inc. managing New Center Park in Detroit, the Funky Ferndale Art Fair and the Royal Oak Clay Glass & Metal Show. His company is Integrity Shows.

He was born in Philadelphia where he acquired a taste for what they call “water ice.” He hopes to create some new and nifty flavors, and creates our flyers and banners, which are most visible during the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Vickie and Mark, just wed and already behind! Photo: Patricia Beck

Vickie Elmer writes about careers, consumer issues and the economy as a freelance writer for Crain’s Detroit Business, Fortune.com and the Washington Post and blogs about careers, creativity and kindness at WorkingKind and DetroitKind. Her favorite stories involve circuses, dogs, generosity, summer fun, creative people or creative or funky businesses.

Born in Pontiac, Mich., she discovered the joys of Italian ice when she was Newsday’s New York City Business Editor. She loves anything with fruit and hopes some summer to work as a busker. For now, though she’s helping to establish Mint Artists Guild.

Vickie and Mark were married in 2013, and are planning to live happily ever after, day by day.

Joy, jobs & charity through Italian ice – that's Mity Nice.